Check out ISOLADE–

the fast-paced blend of action and strategy, inside an electrifying nanoworld of chemical elements!

Inspired by arcade classics like Barrack, Jezzball or Qix, boosted with Extra features and amazingly easy controls!

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Two gameplay modes

Choose the Discovery mode to climb increasingly-difficult levels, one at a time. Choose Survival if you feel experienced enough to last a long run!

118 unique levels

Discovery mode features 118 unique levels inspired by periodic table of elements. Levels are divided into 7 Stages; and with each level hte difficulty increases, so watch out!

Load of Achievements

Collect the Achievements to have extra fun! A bunch for beginners, the rest for the toughests players!

Sneak peek

Meet the Extras

Gamma-ray Acelerator

This is the good one, makes your gamma-ray double fast. You will want this all the time!

Gamma-ray Decelerator

Watch out this one, makes opposite effect of the Gamma-ray Accelerator.

Particle Accelerator

We know you will hate this one :-) It won't stop the hardcore players, others should wait until it expires.

Particle Decelerator

This one helps you get the particles under control, so hurry, use it wisely!

Score Multiplier

Get this one to gain higher score–why not to get the Insane Score achievement?

And lot more!

Explore more Etras during your gameplay, and expect more to come soon!

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Available for your iPhone/iPod Touch:

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